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Updated on Monday 22nd January 2018

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One of the main concerns of those who want to register a company in India refers to the availability of workforce, specialized in business fields necessary for conducting a certain business operation. At the level of 2016, India was the 4th fastest growing economy at a global level, offering one of the youngest workforce in the Asian region. At the moment, out of the entire Indian population (which is comprised of more than one billion persons), 65% represents the country’s workforce, a large share being represented by men. Our team of specialists in company formation in India can offer in-depth assistance on the legislation regulating employment relations in this country.

Top economic sectors for employment in India 

The Indian economy provides business prospects in its top economic activities. Those who want to open a company in India should know that the main employers in this country are represented by the following sectors: 
The largest share of workers in India is employed in the agriculture sector, which is the top economic activity in this country. This sector accounts for 48,9% of the total Indian workforce. Our team of agents in company registration in India can offer legal assistance on the employment regulations applicable to the employees working in the agricultural sector
India benefits from a suitable environment for the development of activities in this sector and it is important to know that it has the second largest agricultural land in the world, accounting for 179,9 million hectares. At the level of 2016, the agriculture industry contributed with a share of 17,4% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP)


Characteristics of the Indian workforce 

It is estimated that, by 2020, the Indian workforce will be represented by 900 million persons. In the following decade, the Indian workforce will increase by an average value of 12 million persons per year. 
A large share of the persons who enter postgraduate studies complete courses in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, India being recognized at a global level for the supply of trained workforce for these activities. 
Businessmen can contact our team of consultants in company registration in India for more details on this subject.