Company Formation in Hyderabad

Updated on Thursday 02nd May 2019

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Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian region Telengana. Traditionally speaking, the city is known for its manufacturing sector, the services sector and the tourism industry, but businessmen who want to open a company in India in Hyderabad can benefit from positive investment prospects in the IT sector; our team of specialists in company registration in India can assist businessmen in all the procedures necessary for starting a business and can inform on the main requirements imposed by the local institutions. 

What types of companies can one start in Hyderabad? 

Local and foreign businessmen who want to set up a business in Hyderabad can choose from numerous business forms. The decision of selecting a particular business form has to be based on the characteristics of the legal entity, the capital required, the size of the company and such criteria can be presented on an extensive basis by our team of specialists in company formation in India. Investors can select one of the following: 

private limited company   it represents the preferred type of company selected by foreign investors;
public limited company  it is incorporated by at least seven shareholders and it needs minimum three directors;
liaison office (also known as a representative office)   it can’t enter trading operations and it needs the approval of the local government;
branch office/subsidiary   these are the main vehicles used by foreign companies wishing to set up their corporate activities in Hyderabad. 
Besides the above mentioned, investors can also register limited liability partnerships, unlimited companies, sole traders or a joint venture company. The joint venture does not represent a separate legal entity and it needs to be registered as a limited liability company or as a public limited company.  

How can an investor register a company in Hyderabad? 

The process of company formation in India in the city of Hyderabad is regulated under the Companies Act. The first step necessary in this case is to provide a suitable trading name for the company (up to six options) and its approval will be given by the Registrar of Companies. This is done by completing a designated form (Form1 A) and pay the fee established by the institution. 
Further on, the investors will need to draft the company’s statutory documents, which have to be signed in front of a notary. Typically, this procedure requires the assistance of specialists in company formation matters and we highly advise foreign investors to contact our team of consultants in company registration in India for personalized advice when starting a business in the city of Hyderabad