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Updated on Tuesday 02nd November 2021

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Investors who come to India can enjoy many benefits. While some of them are related to taxation, others have to do with the numerous business possibilities they can explore.

Starting a business in India as a foreigner implies meeting certain conditions, depending on whether one wants to operate a domestic enterprise or expand the operations on an existing company. The main point these have in common is that they need to have a legal address in India which can be obtained through a virtual office.

In this article, you can read about obtaining a virtual office in Gurgaon. Our company formation agents in India can help with such a service in this city, as well as in others.

Services available in a virtual office in Gurgaon

Foreign entrepreneurs are without a doubt familiar with the term “virtual office” and know what it entails. When choosing this service in Gurgaon, its main facilities are:
  • a local phone number;
  • a traditional mail and e-mail address;
  • virtual assistant, on demand;
  • meeting room booking services;

Our company registration officers in India are at the service of local and foreign investors who want to set up businesses in Gurgaon.

We also offer similar solutions in other cities, among which the most sought are in Hyderabad and Chennai.

The importance of having an address in Gurgaon

A virtual office in Gurgaon can be exploited in various ways, however, the most important is that it is associated with a local address.

A local address can be used for the following:
  1. company registration with the Trade Register Office in Gurgaon;
  2. mailing address where you can receive correspondence;
  3. a contact address for local business partners and clients;
  4. a forwarding address for a company established in another region.

The virtual office is one of the safest ways of ensuring you meet all the legal requirements when you are interested in how to form a company in India as a foreign entrepreneur.

When adding the fact that virtual offices are usually located in important business centers, the advantage of this service becomes even more obvious.

Why is a local phone number important?

While some clients only want to use their virtual office in Gurgaon as a local address, others also request to have local phone numbers included. These increase the confidence of local business partners and clients, and the service has evolved so much that private virtual assistants to take calls, record and send messages and even collect the mail and sort e-mails are available for those who want to use such facilities for longer periods of time.

Virtual offices have come a long way and are also a great option during the pandemic for foreign investors who want to have a contact point for their associates and customers and who want to keep track of what is going on in India.

Obtaining a Gurgaon-based virtual office is simple and easy

Indeed, purchasing a virtual office in Gurgaon has never been easier. The entire procedure can be completed via email after you choose the package that suits you the most. Then, you will be sent the contract to sign and send it back. From there on, you benefit from this great service.

If you would like to know more about your options, such a service can come with:
  • simple features that include access to a business address;
  • access to a business address, plus dedicated e-mail and phone answering services;
  • access to a business address, use of desk space and meeting room, phone number, and e-mail services.

The service can be customized so that you can choose the features you are interested in.

You can also rely on similar facilities in Bangalore if you have business dealings in this part of India.

How much does a virtual office cost?

The price of a virtual office in any part of the country is quite low when compared to traditional rent despite the access to top business centers. This is possible because most realtors develop office buildings that are equipped for modern services that imply mobility and flexibility.

Since most people prefer to work remotely, the virtual office has become a great solution from a financial point of view.

Why invest in Gurgaon

Located near the capital of India, New Delhi, Gurgaon is managed by the local government of the Gurugram District.

From an economic point of view, the Haryana region in which Gurgaon is located:
  • has contributed with 3.8% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2019;
  • its per capita income is 1.87 times higher compared to the rest of the country;
  • the region also ranked 1st in terms of consumer expenditure per month the same year.

If you are interested in a virtual office in Gurgaon, please contact our local experts.