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Updated on Monday 23rd October 2017

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A virtual office in India refers to a modern way of having a business presence in this country, which can reduce the administrative costs associated with running a company. Investors interested in starting a company in India may opt to set up a traditional office (where the commercial activities are held) or the may opt for a virtual office, which can provide multiple advantages, one of them referring to the greater flexibility of completing various business activities, compared to the traditional office. The investors can work from a remote location and set their business meetings at the address where the virtual office is registered, which is usually in a prestigious area of an Indian city. Our team of specialists in company formation in India can assist investors on the documents they should prepare when requesting the services of a virtual office

Main services provided by an Indian virtual office  

Local and foreign businessmen interested in how to form a company in India can have different advantages, depending on the legal entity chosen for registration; the legislation available here also provides the opportunity of purchasing a shelf company, which will reduce the amount of time related to the incorporation steps. In the case of a virtual office, investors can select different types of service packages, depending on their specific needs. As a general rule, a virtual office will provide the following services:
an office address in a prestigious commercial area of a city;
mail services;
local phone number
voice mailbox;
meeting room.
Depending on the selected services, our team of agents in company registration in India can offer assistance on the general monthly costs, which do not include costs related to rent or the office’s infrastructure. The services may be modified on a current basis in accordance with the company’s requirements


Additional services in India  

As the needs of a modern business can vary from a period to another, the investors can request additional services, to better manage their daily activities. The company’s representatives may ask for a dedicated fax service or extra usage of the meeting room
Many foreign businessmen choose the services of a virtual office if they want to start a company in India, but they don't need a business establishment there in the near future.  Investors are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in India for in-depth advice on how to set up a company in this country as well as on the corporate services provided in a virtual office.  


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